Calgon Water Softener

We know that hard water occurs when water mixes with certain minerals that can make the water become destructive to your home. Hard water can make fabrics dull and brittle and can make home appliances easy to break. The advantage of the calgon water softener unlike other water softener systems is that you can usually buy it in a bottle at a low cost around ~$10 at Amazon
or your local Wal-Mart. Its goal is to help your detergent clean your laundry by limiting the effects of hard water while washing and rising your clothes.

Calgon water softener was launched in 1956. Back then, its original aim was to soften water. It is very successful in its craft and most of the people do prefer Calgon to other water softeners that are available in the market. There are other companies that rivaled Calgon in beauty products and others but most people still choose Calgon over the other products being sold in supermarkets due to their years of expertise and low cost.

The active ingredient in Calgon water softener is the polycarboxylates which prevents the minerals that are mixed in the water to penetrate the washing machine or the fabrics being washed. This ingredient also prevents the formation of lime scale. Calgon water softener softens hard water which helps your detergents job while washing and rising clothes. You simply add it to the dispensing compartment of your washing machine. It is important to know that Calgon does not use phosphates to make sure that no harm will befall your appliances and clothing.

There are three kinds of water softeners that are available now. These are: Calgon powder water softener, calgon water softener tablets and calgon liquid gel softener.

The Calgon powder water softener is fairly easy to use. It was actually one of the first water softeners that first time users use to clean their washing machines and bathtubs.

The Calgon water softener tablet is the preferred water softener of people on the go because you just have to put it in the washing machine and you are good to go.

The Calgon Liquid gel softener is the choice now of many consumers because even though it might seem messy, the softener can protect the washing machine from build ups of suds and other stuff that can hurt the appliance. It can also make the fabric of the clothes become whiter or brighter.

Though, take note that there are recommended dosages of water softener that should be used for washing clothes or just cleaning the machine. It is important that the proper dosages are used to make sure that the product will work well without any harmful effects.

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  • Doug Hanley:

    Our local grocery stores, Atlantic Super Store and Sobey’s, do not carry the Calgon water softener (powder) anymore. I was wondering if it is still being manufactured or have the stores just stopped selling it. If it is still available, can you tell me where in my area I can get it. I live in the Dartmouth/Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Nat:

    It’s on sale on amazon so it’s very easy to find :).

  • Jenny:

    I buy it at my local Stop & Shop. I live in Connecticut. I guess I’m lucky!

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