Culligan Water Softener Reviews

The Culligan water softener is one product in a long line of water treatment systems manufactured by Culligan. The company has been in business over 70 years providing water service to commercial, industrial and residential customers. A popular icon for the company is known as the Culligan Man, who represents their high customer service standards. But Culligan water softener reviews are not complete without an evaluation of all available products and equipment in their state of the art water softener product line.

About Water Softeners

Picture of the culligan man found - culligan water softener reviewsWater is referred to as being hard when it contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium. Hard water causes scale and other sediments to develop inside pipes as well as other components such as water heaters. Scale is not an efficient heat conductor and can clog pipes, reducing their flow. It can also keep soap and detergents from developing suds and reduce cleaning efficiency which is why you probably want to find some hard water solutions such as one of the many available water softener systems.

Treatment systems such as the Culligan water softener replace calcium and magnesium with sodium ions, which do not have the same negative reaction. Simply put, the water in the home is passed through small beads that are covered with sodium ions. Once passed, the water is softened and flows through the pipes in the home. Over time, the beads are replaced when they become saturated with calcium and magnesium and the cycle begins again, look at our page on water softeners how they work for more information, to view other you might want to keep in mind while looking for water softener brands and water softener reviews feel free to consult our other pages.

Culligan Medalist Series

The Culligan water softener product line known as the Medallist Series is made for smaller homes. The Medallist series is manufactured to perform efficiently despite its size. The compact design fits perfectly in small, tight spaces. The series provides seamless integration into existing plumbing throughout the home to maintain water pressure even when water is run from several sources. Many Culligan water softener reviews report that this series can also be purchased for outdoor use. The system can be fit with an Underwriters Laboratory certified enclosure appropriate for outdoor installation.

Platinum Plus Culligan Water Softener Series

The Platinum Plus series provides more water capacity for larger families in bigger homes. The series offers good water pressure and water flow. Other features of the Platinum Plus series that are worth mentioning in Culligan water softener reviews include exclusive Culligan technology that monitors water quality and salt levels, a specially design tank and a refill control valve.  The system is equipped with a microprocessor which operates the water softener cycle.

Culligan Gold Series

The Gold series includes all of the features of the other series plus additional elements that make it stand out from the rest. The Gold Series Culligan water softener is complete with a versatile design that can be customized based upon the customer’s individual water needs. It has a large capacity tank to provide enough water for larger households. The system is manufactured with innovative materials and components that, according to some Culligan water softener reviews, makes it one of the most reliable and worry free water softener systems in the industry. The Gold series can also be adapted for outdoor installation.

Total Home Water System

Most Culligan water softener reviews omit information about the Total Home system. The total home system can be installed to deliver soft water throughout the entire home. Some of the positive comments about the features of the Total Home Culligan water softener system include:


  • The system eliminates the taste and smell of chlorine in the water.
  • Soap scum doesn’t build up because of softer water.
  • Laundry comes out brighter and cleaner.
  • Stops crusty scale from building up on faucets.
  • Ends rust stains and dirty water marks.
  • Benefits skin and hair.
  • Improves the taste of drinks like coffee and tea as well as ice cubes.

Free Water Testing

Culligan offers homeowners a free analysis of their water by a licensed water expert. The testing will identify specific water problems and how to resolve the problem using equipment such as a Culligan water softener. In addition to checking water quality, the analysis includes an assessment of plumbing, fixtures and appliances that use water. Several positive Culligan water softener reviews reported that homeowners found this service to be very helpful and did not feel that they were pressured to buy Culligan products.

Culligan Water Softener and the Environment

We decided to go beyond other Culligan water softener reviews and look at the company’s environmental awareness policies. Eight six percent of single water bottles fill America’s landfills. Culligan delivers clean water in large quantities to do their part in protecting the environment. By doing so, they hope to reduce contribution to the 7,000 tons of plastic water bottles that are thrown away each day. Reverse osmosis systems and point of use coolers that are used in offices also play a part in helping sustain the environment.

Salt Free Culligan Water Softener Reviews

Culligan offers a range of saltless water softener alternatives for residential and commercial water treatment systems. The company’s salt water exchange service involves regeneration at the Culligan facilities. With this option, no salt is brought to the customer’s property. Culligan also sells a full line of filters that do not require salt in order to regenerate water. Another alternative to salt is potassium chloride which can be used with any Culligan water softener treatment system making them a good salt free water softener.

Culligan Water Softener Costs

Culligan water softener systems can be leased for about $10.00 per month for the first three months after installation with no long term contract obligation. The installation cost is not included in the monthly price. An estimate for the cost of purchasing a Culligan water softener can be obtained by contacting local Culligan dealerships and you can find the nearest one on their official website. Each dealership is independently owned. Installation of the system includes a 30 day 100 percent satisfaction warrantee. Considering the price of a single bottle of water being as much as $1.50, Culligan claims that their water system pays for itself in less than one year.


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