Fleck Water Softeners

Generally, hard water contains strenuous deposits of magnesium and calcium and there are many troubles linked with hard water. It obstructs pipes and it becomes very difficult to soften soap in hard water. Therefore the hard water is needs to be converted into soft water. There are lots of water softeners available in the market and it is based upon the requirements of the user to decide what sort of water softener would be appropriate for his needs.

If you are thinking of buying a water softener, it is important that you choose it keeping your requirements and budget in mind. Fleck water softeners have modernized the techniques of water softening. The variety of models provides any home landlord the benefits of properly handled water systems. Fleck has “environmentally friendly” models of many of the following brands and they say you can expect up to a 50% reduction in salt usage over other water softener salt models. Of course this comes at a higher price, often $100-200 over the normal price tag but you will probably make up for this over time. Most of the following price tags for these models were taken from http://www.qualitywatertreatment.com which is an online retailer that sells pre made water softeners and ships them to you using UPS. Once you receive it you only need to charge up the resin beads by following the instructions.

Fleck water softeners possess a wide range of characteristics. Each water softener in their collection focuses on one essential feature of water softening and they come in a big range of sizes. They also offer many interesting add-ons such as a media guard KDF 55 and 85 that you can attach to your water softener so it can filter water and remove chlorine, heavy metals and prevent bacteria growth.

Fleck 2510 water softener series assert an on-demand position. Water softeners in this series are generally residential softeners and help in regulating the quantity of water utilized at home. They feature ‘on-demand’ meter so that if you don’t need the machine to work at full output you can minimize salt and water waste. It is priced starting at around $500 for the 24k grain capacity models all the way to $1200 or so for the 110k model. With these softeners, the user can preserve water as well as limit the quantity of water wasted. However, they are regulated by simplified electronic components. The size of the tanks determines the prices of these softeners.

example of fleck water softeners on quality water treatmentFleck 5600 Ecominder is a series of environmentally friendly softeners and are promoted as being able to still count your water usage even in the event of a power failure! You can find these models starting at around $450 for the 24k grain model all the way to $800 for 96k grains. Most of the other models also have “Ecominder” and “SXT” models. You can find the main differences between the “Ecominder” and “SXT” models here.

Fleck 7000 is a series of water softeners that are made for commercial use. They possess all the characteristics of all other series except that they have a supplementary capability of running 35 gallons per minute.

Fleck 9000 Series: It is a dual tank, high capacity water softener. It is designed to work even when regeneration is being carried out. Its two tanks allow the control valve to switch the water supply to the second tank when the first tank is being backwashed. It can soften up to 21 gallons of water every minute and has a variable grain capacity from 24000 grains to 110000 grains depending on which model is chosen. It is an extremely efficient and economical option for large residences and small manufacturing establishments.

Purchasing a water softener will surely help with hard water problems. However keep in mind that water softener systems using salt can be banned in many states and countries because they have a bad impact on the environment. That’s why some people try to go for a saltless water softener or other water filtration from other companies such as kinetico water softeners that mainly use the “kinetic” energy of water to filter it (no electricity) and you can choose non salt using water softener models.

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  • Olusuyi adekunle:

    I need a fleck that can deliver 10m3/hr of continuous flow. Average water hardness to be softened is 80ppm.

  • Trieu Duc Long:

    Dear Sir/madam
    We need to a water softener system for the boiler with capacity of 20m3/hr, Could you please suggest us use which your system that can meet the above demand?
    Thanh you in advance

    Trieu Duc Long,

  • Lynne:

    We have a 1500 gal. tank and have the 5600 model. How long will it take the run a cycle.

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