Kenmore Water Softener Review

Eighty five percent of homes in the United States have hard water running through its pipes. Water softener systems are used to remove chemicals that cause this condition. Hard water results in wear and tear on appliances and increases energy use. The benefits of soft water include elimination of water spots on glassware, richer soap lather and longer fabric life and less stress on appliances. There are several water softener manufactures around the country including Kenmore, a leading appliance manufacturer since 1927.  The Kenmore water softener is a leading, well known brand used by many homeowners.

Water Softeners: How they work. Hard water contains components like calcium and magnesium.  Water softeners replace the components with sodium, or salt ions. Sodium reacts more favorably to soap cleansers and is much less harmful to pipes. Basically, water is softened when it runs through an absorbent compound, called zeolite, which is covered with the sodium. As with most water brands of water softeners, a water test is needed before using the Kenmore water softener.

kenmore water softenersProduct Description

Kenmore has been manufacturing water softeners since the 1980’s as hard water solutions. Current models in their long line of softeners come in 4 different series with various features and price points. The 420 Elite Series is their high performance model designed for households with up to 10 occupants. Design and performance features include a graphic display with lighted screen, front salt loader design, lighted salt tank level indicator and exclusive Kenmore sediment protection. The price for the 420 Elite Series water softener starts at $650.00 which is quite competitive if you do a water softener comparison and compare it with the low price point of fleck water softeners which share similar features.

Kenmore Water Softener Review

There are differing opinions regarding the performance of the Kenmore brand water softener. Among the positive comments are:

  • Performance. Comments about the quality of performance included how the water softener thoroughly eliminated hard water deposits from faucets and shower doors. The mechanics of the softener, such as the timer and digital controls, worked well.
  • Easy to replace parts.  Overall, customers were pleased that they could easily find replacement parts for the older model water softeners. In one Kenmore water softener review a consumer was able to find a water softener part that was purchased over ten years ago with no problem.
  • Knowledgeable sales staff. Most customers are impressed with the well informed the sales staff. The employees are helpful and patient with new customers who are not sure of their needs. Returning customers felt that the staff provided up to date information about current models and upgrades and they were eager to assist in finding replacement parts needed.
  • Installation. Several customers found the Kenmore water softener easy to install. For those who preferred to have the unit installed, most were satisfied with the scheduling, price and professionalism.

In more than one Kenmore water softer review, performance dissatisfaction was with older water softener models. Negative opinions about the product included:

  • There were a few complaints that the digital displays on the Kenmore water softeners are inadequate and hard to read.
  • Comments included repeated failure of the automatic regeneration system. This resulted in customers having to wait several days for the system to resume sending soft water.
  • Unclear instructions about how to use all of the functions of the water softener.

If you want to compare models you can head over to their official site to get a better idea of their specs.

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