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Getting the right kind of drinking water is really a problem. There are many drinking water systems and this is an option, out of many, if you want to consider a salt free water softener (also called a saltless water softener). On top of needing a water softener for your hard water problem we all know that there are possible bacteria’s in water which can cause diseases and be really very dangerous. One of the worries of a water softener salt system is that when you have a very hard water problem you might need to put too highly of a concentration of sodium in your drinking water.

This is one of the advantages of the Kinetico water softeners, not only do they soften your water but they also filter it making them a great overall drinking water system.

kinetico water softenersFirst of all if you know that your water is carrying impurities than you need to check it before it causes any damage to you. By using Kinetico water softeners, you are going to get rid of the all major impurities like bicarbonates, magnesium and others. One of the cool things about the kinetico water softeners are that they power themselves with the moving water’s kinetic energy so while providing clean and healthy water it also doesn`t up the cost of your electricity bill.  Apart from this, its novel feature helps you to use these softeners efficiently and saving your money. Its twin resin tank design (see water softener parts) helps it not go offline at any time especially when it has to regenerate the water softener resin unlike other water softeners that sometimes automatically shutdown in the early hours of the morning in order to regenerate.

You can choose from the numbers of softeners being available online. All you have to do is to identify your priorities and then choose the softeners. Keep in mind one of the disadvantages in the Kinetico models is that they are quite expensive; kinetico water softeners can cost at least $1000 to $4000. This is most likely due to their twin tank design which most of the other water softener systems do not have. You might have trouble finding the right kind of softener for you. It`s important to mention that they offer free water analysis if you contact them so a professional might help you find what`s best for you.  Here`s a list of some of the top softeners currently being sold and used.

If you are keen on getting some small softeners then you can use the kinetico compact water softener which is a bit small in size but they deliver very soft water even in smaller living areas.

If you are using well water then you will have to look into their well water softener for good quality clean water. If you’re on this website you probably know about hard water and especially well water carries a lot of unneeded substances like iron and magnesium.

While using tap water, there is a very strong chances that you will get the previously mentioned minerals that cause hard water and also other pollutants like chlorine and other organic materials.

The Kinetico water softeners price varies depending on your region and installation fee but you can expect to at least pay $1,000 and probably more. They definitely have some noticeable advantages such as not needing any electricity and the advantages of their twin resin tank design that will always be on unlike other water softeners. Of course, if you have no need for a system that is on 24/24 than you can save a lot of money by going for a single tank unit from another supplier. Apart from their unmistakable features, Kinetico home water softeners also carry a warranty usually. Since they offer free water evaluations if you live near a dealer make sure to contact one and he will probably have important clarifications in explaining which model you need including the price and warranty provided. Some final food for thought is that maybe the electricity saved can make up most of the price difference over a long period of time?

Some addition information: Kinetico’s website, our page on water softener reviews and water softener comparison where you can compare with other brands.

4 Responses to “Kinetico Water Softeners”

  • Randy LaRoche:

    I have been using the kinetico dual tank softner with solar water softner salt. Though I now see I must clean the salt tank, which I have never done, I have noted a buildup of pink material in toilet bowls and other places using softened water. I do not know what this is. The material build up is also noted in the tray of our refrigerator water/ice dispenser. Our Bunn coffee maker gets clogged often and we only use the filtered water from the refrigerator. Filter changed every 3 months or when filter light comes on. Please advise of what this material build up is and how to remove it. Thanks for your time. Randy

  • dan:

    did you get an answer to your question about the pink color

  • Andrea:

    The pink material is likely salt-loving bacteria. Simply clean these areas when you see the bacteria building up (i.e. when you see the pink show up). You don’t have to use anything caustic like bleach to get rid of it. I use homemade cleaners made from household items such as baking soda, lemon juice, borax, and vinegar to do various household jobs and they work great. I found a recipe for homemade Soft Scrub on the internet using dish soap and baking soda, if you like a scrubby kind of cleanser, but baking soda or borax work great by themselves, too. Good luck!

  • ldh:

    i aquired my kinetco how do you set it?

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