Water Softener Potassium : Salt alternative

Recently, there are two types of water softeners available in the market- sodium chloride water softeners (water softener systems that use salt) and potassium chloride water softener (which are often called water softener potassium). They differ both in economical and health aspects. For the people who are more apprehensive of their health, water softener potassium systems are known to be a healthier choice in terms of healthier drinking water.

Nowadays, lots of people are getting a bit anxious about the usage of salt for softening water. The reason behind this is that many reports revealed the excess of sodium in the diet of American people and excessive sodium can be dangerous for health. If you have problems with excessive sodium, potassium water softeners are the perfect solution and one of the best no salt water softener solution.

water softener potassium

Potassium a salt alternative that you can easily find online at stores such as amazon

Potassium- a beneficial element

A big advantage of using potassium chloride water softeners is that potassium is regarded as a very advantageous constituent to the body and people often need this mineral. What’s more, if you are taking low-sodium diet, then using these softeners is the best alternative.

Good for environment

Further, when we think about the environment, the water generated by these softeners is known to be more environmentally friendly. For nourishing your plants, always use water softened with potassium chloride water softeners. That’s because plants require a lot of potassium in contrast to the damage sodium causes to your plants and land. In fact, for this reason water softener systems that use salt have been banned in some states or at least frowned upon.
Absorption in water

When we talk about performance, a potassium chloride water softener work similar to sodium chloride softeners. The process of ion exchange is also very similar in both softeners. The main difference between them is that unlike with salt, potassium is easily immersed in water.

Potassium chloride softeners are highly recommended by experts and can easily be found online at amazon
. However, despite all of these benefits, it should be noted that potassium water softeners are more expensive than if you use a salt based system. However, with the several advantages that you will get from potassium water softeners, you might find them work the extra expense. In the end, by using them you will not just protect your health but also help protect the environment as well.

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  • ernie:

    Can I mix sodium chloride salt and potassiun chloride salt in the tank at the same time? I have already put in sodiun salt and would like to switch over to potassium salt. After this, I would only use potassium salt. Thanks Ernie

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