Water Softener Reviews

When dealing with hard water it’s definitely important to find a water softener system that will work best for your needs. Water softeners are used for residential and industrial needs and this post on water softener reviews will focus mostly on water softener systems for residential needs.

Salt free water softener VS conventional water softener

As you can see in our water softener comparison page, some of the important things you have to consider are do you want a salt free water softener or any of the other popular water softeners which use salt?
So, before looking at these water softener reviews you will have to weight some of the benefits and disadvantages of both models. Here’s a brief overview, a water softener using salt will probably be one of the least expensive models to buy and maintain however you should have a separate drinking water line because you do not want to ingest such high amounts of salt over time. Also, it’s not very good for the environment and these salt using water softeners are banned in some states due to being environmental hazards.

Salt free water softeners on the other hand are usually more expansive to buy. Some salt water softener systems can use both normal salt and potassium so in this case it will simply be more expensive to maintain by using potassium than salt but it will be healthy for drinking and it will not be a hazard to the environment. Overall, a potassium chloride water softener is probably the best option however some other salt free water softeners alternatives that you might want to try or read up on are a magnetic water softener or an electric water softener which are basically two different names for the same system which mostly entails using magnets to separate the hard water elements (such as calcium and magnesium) from the water and only leaving the now “soft” water to pass in the water pipes in your house.

However, most water softener reviews on these systems reveal that they will only work for those with “low” hard water problems since the magnets are less efficient at dealing with hard water than other methods.

Water softener reviews – Review by Brands


kinetico water softener system reviewsFirst off, we have the Kinetico water softener which is very popular but quite expensive. Some of its advantages that are pointed out on our Kinetico water softener reviews page is that it has a dual resin tank which means that when one is regenerating the other one can still work which ensures 24 hour water softening. Also, they power themselves with the kinetic energy of the water so they will not add to your electricity bill and might in fact pay themselves over time or at least reduce the gap with the other cheaper alternatives since its main disadvantage is it’s price which is usually above at least $1000


water softener reviewsAnother popular brand is the Kenmore water softener systems which as you can see from my Kenmore water softener review page they are quite an established and well liked brand. As you can see on their official comparison page they can use sodium and potassium chloride so that’s a great feature meaning you can use it with salt or not. It’s hard to get an accurate price range for their models as of the writing of these water softener review but I do remember seeing some models go for the $500-700 range so they are have some models in the low price point category.


Another popular water softener that is similar to Kenmore in terms of price ranges are Fleck which as you can see from my fleck water softener review is very similar in terms of feature as well. If you are deciding between both of these brands I would suggest you see which one has a seller near you. Also, as of this writing I am not sure if fleck water softeners can use potassium chloride, but probably (you might want to ask them if this is something you are interested in).


Culligan has been around for over 70 years and have many different models available, for more information feel free to look at our Culligan Water Softener Reviews page.

More water softener reviews to be added shortly…

If you would have a review of a brand or comments on a specific brand you would like added to this page feel free to comment below or send us an email by visiting our contact us page!

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  • Water softener are a great investment as they not only filter water for the whole house but remove damaging chemicals from bath water to leave your skin and hair healthier and smoother!

  • Ward Ssussex:

    Hi Mark: I have a Kenmore Model 400 approx. 8 yrs. old. Salt continually compacts around the bottom 5″ of the brine well. I was instructed to only fill the tank 1/2 full. But I’m only filling it about 1/3rd. full.
    I’ve been running a water level check for 2 wks and water level ranges from 7″; after regen. to 4″.
    Is this normal. I’m running about 30-50 ppm. I’d like to run about 10-14 ppm. Any suggestions?

  • John Latimer:

    I have an UtraSoft Kenmore softener that is 8 yrs. old and it seems to have stopped softening the water. I’ve cleaned the nozzle and venture as shown in the instructions and I broke up the salt bridge, but it still seems to have quit softening. It runs and back flushes but water still is not as soft as it should be. Any suggestions?

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